28 March 2024

A new campaign for Amarone Allegrini

Allegrini’s new advertising campaign dedicated to its best-known product, Amarone Allegrini, a true legend and emblem of Valpolicella’s identity and excellence, has appeared in daily newspapers and trade magazines. The tagline “From Vineyards to Icons” recounts a journey of transformation: it begins with the careful cultivation of the vineyard and is fulfilled in the rise of Amarone Allegrini to a global icon, a metamorphosis that transfigures the fruit of the earth into an emblem of Italian wine-making excellence and tradition. With this campaign, Allegrini invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a unique sensory experience, where every sip becomes a discovery, a tribute to the winemaking savoir-faire that only Amarone can offer.
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