A new production centre and a wine tourism reception center.

Tenuta Merigo is a new production center currently under construction in Fumane. Adjacent to the present headquarters, it will cover an area of approximately 10,000 square metres. The project is named after the Allegrini cousins’ paternal grandmother and will serve as a space to welcome wine tourism and promote the Valpolicella area, which is one of the essential objectives pursued by the new management team. Tenuta Merigo will enable the complete renewal of technical equipment, with a special focus on the environmental and social sustainability of the plant. The facility will incorporate energy production from renewable sources, promoting eco-friendliness.

This visionary project is also remarkable from an architectural point of view.

One of its most significant features is a glass walkway that showcases most of the production processes from above, fulfilling a desire for transparency that is more important than ever in the current historical moment.

Moreover, the entrance of the new production site will feature an educational forest that will include a vineyard, a section dedicated to tree species (including rare ones), and another section devoted to bees.