About us

Allegrini Wines was established in 2024 by the Allegrini family and brings all the wine-related activities carried out by the family under one roof, with a shared goal of promoting and elevating the wine industry. The company is made up of three divisions:


The esteemed brand has always spread awareness of Valpolicella’s signature wines, and more recently, Lugana wine, worldwide. It embodies the winery’s highest level of excellence, maintaining unwavering family roots while striving for innovation and environmental consciousness. This brand’s success stems from the perfect combination of superior quality raw materials and winemaking traditions.

Merigo​ Estate

This upcoming production centre is currently under construction in Fumane, and will also serve as a place for wine tourism. The new winery is named after the paternal grandmother of Francesco, Matteo, Giovanni and Silvia, honouring her surname. Once completed, it will enable the complete management of the production chain in all its phases, both for Allegrini and for Corte Giara.

Allegrini Wine Distribution

The distribution company was established to broaden their current range of wines with product lines that share similar beliefs and values in terms of tradition and quality. In 1989, the Allegrini family launched Corte Giara, which offers reasonably priced wines that appeal to a younger audience while maintaining excellent value for money.


In 2024, Francesco, Matteo, and Giovanni Allegrini took over the majority of the shares in their family business, which was already a leading producer of Amarone wine in Valpolicella. The company is now considered one of the most prestigious Italian wineries in the world. Currently, the three brothers own 86% of the company, while the remaining 14% is owned by their cousin Silvia Allegrini. All of them play important roles in company management, showcasing the dedication and perseverance that inspire the company’s vision. Francesco is the CEO, Giovanni is the Cellar Coordinator and Brand Ambassador, and Matteo coordinates relations with foreign countries. Silvia is responsible for external relations and coordination with strategic partners.

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