Allegrini Wines debuts at Vinitaly 2024

Vinitaly marks the official debut of Allegrini Wines, which debuts with an exhibition space that has been completely renovated in terms of space and visual identity. The physical space, too, thus becomes the tangible expression of a new vision that puts the product and good practices of land and vineyard management back at the center. On the walls stand the brands that identify the different souls of the group. Prominent among these are the brand-new logo with stylized naming initials for Allegrini Wines, as well as those of Allegrini Wine Distribution and Tenuta Merigo, which are unveiled here for the first time. Vinitaly thus marks the real kick-off of the company’s new course, marking the beginning of a development phase under the innovative and tradition-respecting leadership of the seventh generation.

A new campaign for Amarone Allegrini

Allegrini’s new advertising campaign dedicated to its best-known product, Amarone Allegrini, a true legend and emblem of Valpolicella’s identity and excellence, has appeared in daily newspapers and trade magazines. The tagline “From Vineyards to Icons” recounts a journey of transformation: it begins with the careful cultivation of the vineyard and is fulfilled in the rise of Amarone Allegrini to a global icon, a metamorphosis that transfigures the fruit of the earth into an emblem of Italian wine-making excellence and tradition. With this campaign, Allegrini invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a unique sensory experience, where every sip becomes a discovery, a tribute to the winemaking savoir-faire that only Amarone can offer.

New governance for Allegrini

At a meeting with the trade press in Carlo Cracco’s restaurant, the new governance of Allegrini, created in 2024 after Francesco, Matteo, and Giovanni Allegrini acquired a majority stake in the family business, was presented. The three brothers currently hold 86 percent, while the remaining 14 percent remains in the hands of their cousin Silvia. “We are starting a new chapter,” explained Francesco Allegrini, CEO of the company. “We are carrying forward what was our father Franco’s project by returning the focus to Allegrini and Valpolicella and concentrating our work on quality, innovation and investment.”

Allegrini’s Fieramonte 2016 awarded a 100/100 by Decanter

In the Olympus of exceptional wines, Allegrini’s Fieramonte 2016 has once again secured a place of honor, achieving a 100/100 rating from the renowned British magazine Decanter. This award is not only a recognition of excellence, but a celebration of a winemaking tradition that has been able to renew itself over time, masterfully combining meticulous care in the vineyard and productive wisdom in the cellar. An achievement that confirms Allegrini’s commitment to creating wines that tell stories of passion, dedication and innovation, underscoring its vocation to the role of ambassadors of Italian prestige in the wine world.